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Reclaimed Barn Siding and Paneling

Decades and centuries of weather and sun on old growth lumber produces some of the most spectacular looking wood planks and siding on the planet. The rustic warmth and beauty of this material has almost limitless uses and application.

Of course you can use this material for paneling and interior walls but there are endless other uses for this material as well.

Furnture makers, artisans and crafts people covet this reclaimed barn siding and paneling for everything from frames, artwork, cabinetry, shelving, farmers tables and anything else you can thing of. You are limited by your imagination.

Reclaimed barn siding and paneling comes in many varieties, colors, species and sizes. Often, pigment for white wash, or barn red or any other finish remains making this material even more beautiful and valuable.

We can mill the material to any specification you may have. Kiln drying ensures stable material, free from mold or infestation from insects and microbes.

Reclaimed Barn Siding and Paneling

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