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Nyack Wide Plank Flooring FAQ's

What is Reclaimed Lumber and where does it come from?

Reclaimed lumber is wood salvaged from its original application with the intent of reusing it again. The majority of reclaimed lumber comes from old barns and factories and in some parts of the country from pre 1900 homesteads. This reclaimed material is primarily used for home decoration and construction, and is also being used in commercial applications as well.

Reclaimed wood flooring adds unique character to any style home. Wide planks with worm holes and circular saw marks are popular for lodge and farmhouse-style homes, while antique woods with clear vertical grains and few character marks may work well for more formal or traditional style homes.

Why should I use reclaimed wood in my construction or remodeling project?

Reclaimed wood products offer timeless beauty and unique characters only found in the “Old Growth” timbers from decades ago. Nyack Wide Plank is doing our part to adhere to green building practices by preserving this historical lumber for use in flooring, paneling and other materials that will transform the look of your home or office. Reclaimed wood products offer homeowners enduring beauty, an environmentally friendly building alternative and a piece of history.

Can I use reclaimed wood floors in a kitchen and bathroom?

The kitchen is the busiest room in the house and a more durable floor like antique oak or reclaimed heart pine is recommended. In the bathroom area where there is more dampness, you need to be concerned with the type of finish that is used on the floor. Wood flooring in these high traffic locations is a beautiful choice. Proper finishes will protect the wood from exposure to other elements that may exist in these areas.

My new home is being built with radiant heat. Can I use reclaimed wide plank floors?

The answer is yes. Wood flooring is exceptionally suitable when installed over radiant heat. Wood is an excellent conductor of heat, making our floors an ideal selection for use in your home. Wide plank flooring will allow even distribution of heat, making it very beneficial to the wood.

Ordering & Sampling

We will help you decide which look is best for your home or office by sending you a sample of our product at your request before you place your order.

Please understand that our samples are to be used as a general guideline only.. Product samples that are mailed will represent a fraction of the overall look & feel. Photos can also be sent to demonstrate the general characteristics of the materials and will represent what you should expect when ordering from us.

We will send you a sample of almost any product we carry in our inventory to help aide you in your final decision. If you have additional questions regarding our samples and how the process works, please visit our product samples page.