Why Use Wide Plank Flooring?

Why Use Wide Plank Flooring?


hardwoodandbenchFirst things first, planks are the wooden boards used to create hardwood floors. They come in many different sizes and textures. The term plank goes back to age of wooden ships where undesirables were asked to walk the plank to their demise. While we don’t have to walk the plank to our demise anymore, we can walk on the beautiful wooden planks of our hardwood floors in our homes in safety.

Hardwood floors actually come in two varieties, traditional size and wide plank. Medium size planks usually fall within the wide plank category. Traditional hardwood floors are what most people are used to seeing. Traditional hardwood planks are normally sold as 2” to 3” planks. Most traditional or wide plank hardwood floors are pre-fabricated and ready to be installed and walked on right out of the box. Yes, they come in boxes.

Wide plank wood floors are hardwood floors where the wooden planks are 3” or wider. Having a larger plank allows greater visibility of the wood grain and character. You can use less wood because of the wide of the planks. Wide plank floors produce a richer looking floor for the same price or less then a traditional hardwood floor because fewer pieces are used to lay the floor.

Wide Plank floors works well with radiant heated floor technology. Radiant heat technology is where a heating element is installed underneath an installed floor to keep the floor from feeling cold. This technology is handy in cooler temperatures to help avoid cold floors. It can also help to reduce heating costs to install radiant floors. The warmer floors make it easier to warm an area, thus lower heating costs.

If you are looking for a dramatic looking floor or just a nice floor with a rustic feel, consider using wide plank hardwood flooring to achieve your desired look. Trust us. You won’t be disappointed.

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November 6, 2013

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