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Reclaimed Wide Plank Flooring, Barn Beams and more!

reclaimed antique wood, Nyack Wide Plank, NY

Old growth, reclaimed wood has unmatched beauty

antique wide plank oak floors
We reclaim antique lumber from barns and factories hundreds of years old. read more...
Recycled Antique Flooring and Siding for sale
Reclaimed antique wood is milled and kiln dried to ensure stability and durability yielding a superior product. read more...
Reclaimed Barn Beams, Barnsiding and Stair components Nyack Wide Plank, NY
We also have barn siding and paneling, barn beams and structural beams. read more...

We sell reclaimed wide plank flooring and antique barn beams that will enhance your home with warmth, character, and unique atmosphere!

Reclaimed lumber is milled from the finest reclaimed materials from barns and factories and is the finest available anywhere.

Our materials are hand selected for quality and appearance. Reclaimed wood has rich patinas, deep beautiful color, tight grains, and superior engineering characteristics that can not be replicated.

The next time you think about a new floor, maybe you really want antique reclaimed wide plank flooring. Give us a call to discuss your project, order a sample, or  to simply learn about our timeless treasures!

Reclaimed Barn Siding & Paneling

Reclaimed Stair Treads & Components

Reclaimed Barn Siding & Paneling Antique Stair Treads and Risers

Reclaimed Barn Siding & Paneling can be re-used
as exterior siding or used on interior walls and ceilings to create that “rustic look and feel”.

Wide plank stair treads to match any look and style

Reclaimed Barn Beams

Reclaimed Barn Beams Nyack NY
Reclaimed beams from America's old farms & factories are milled into spectacular fireplace mantels and used as decorative ceiling beams in any room